Halloween Show 2019

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Wednesday 30th October

Writers’ Bloc has been quiet for a few years, but we are officially back on our bullshit for Halloween 2019. With new stories, new faces, a new venue and the same old MC, join us at Woodland Creatures on October 30th for Cannibal Lolocaust.

This show is ticketed — bookings available now.

The Culture Collider

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helmetmona (Small)

The Writers’ Bloc laboratory of writers brings an evening’s tales of science and surprises to detonate the cultural divide.

Returning to the Edinburgh Science Festival with The Culture Collider, an exploration of weird science and stranger arts.

Experiment dangerously with:

* An investment queen of the City obsessed with appearances. Will she live happily ever after?
* A musician who refuses recordings — a long playing career?
* Environmental self sufficiency — is it literally a dead end?

From literary travelers of strange worlds in deep space, to ghostly doings that defy rational explanation, and high-tech culinary labs where eating becomes a surprisingly emotional experience.

Discover the results of dodgy methodologies and dubious motives. Join Writers’ Bloc as they study two cultures in one Petri dish. Writers appearing at The Culture Collider will include:

Andrew C. Ferguson, Gavin Inglis, Halsted M. Bernard, Stuart Wallace, Hannu Rajaniemi, Stefan Pearson and Bram E. Gieben.

Plus your host for this evening, Andrew J. Wilson.

THE CULTURE COLLIDER will be switched on at the Red Lecture Theatre, Summerhall on Sunday 13 April from 8.00pm.

Tickets here

We have arranged a special price deal for our subscriber list so make sure you read the bloc email before buying!

Sterne und Autobahnen

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Writers’ Bloc returns to the Edinburgh International Book Festival for a special event with John Lemke and Poppy Ackroyd on Wednesday 14th August, 9pm in Charlotte Square. You may remember the music-and-words show Electric Lit Orchestra. By now it seems that everybody and their медведь has added an accompaniment to their spoken word — Bloc has given this a twist and written a story to accompany the music. Expect wheeling and dealing through rain-lashed Europe; sky lanterns over Hong Kong; and a final destination farther than anybody was expecting.

John Lemke is a Glasgow-based sound designer and composer, originally from Berlin. He has worked with the BBC, Channel 4, and on the silver screen. His debut album People Do is a kinetic, rich collection of soundscapes — “electronic music that doesn’t sound electronic” according to Igloo magazine. John is a familiar face to Writers’ Bloc and we are delighted to be working with him for Unbound.

Poppy Ackroyd is a performer and composer from London. Her work deals almost exclusively with the sounds of the piano and the violin — to their conventional sounds she adds textures, riffs and beats made from the frames, strings and dampers of the piano. Her new album Escapement brings this together in a heady and engaging mix. We look forward to threading a story through Poppy’s intricate compositions.

Your guides along the way will be Halsted M. Bernard, Morag Edward, Andrew C. Ferguson, Bram E. Gieben, Gavin Inglis and Stuart Wallace.

The show starts at 9pm, Wednesday 14th August in the Spiegeltent, Charlotte Square. And — difficult as it is to believe — it’s free entry. See you there.

SÉANCE FICTION: An evening of literary necromancy

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WARNING: Not suitable for those of a nervous disposition. A daring, dangerous and diabolical show for Halloween.

SÉANCE FICTION: An evening of literary necromancy. 7-10pm, Wednesday, 31th Oct 2012,

The Bongo Club, Edinburgh.

Seance Fiction

In the months running up to All Hallow’s Eve, the members of  Writers Bloc have been contacting the spirits of the dead – invoking the shades of literary giants, and using spirit guides to produce terrifying tales of The Other Side.

On Halloween, Writers’ Bloc invites you to a thrilling live séance at The Bongo Club. Using black magic and cutting-edge technology, Bloc will command the dead to speak, or at least tip some literary tables over. You will see them rise from the grave, and catch a thrilling glimpse of the ghosts, demons and bogles who reside beyond this mortal coil.

Come and witness the birth of a new literary movement: SÉANCE FICTION.

Edinburgh International Science Festival

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Edinburgh International Science Festival
The programme for this year’s Science Festival is out – download the PDF.

Bloc’s next gig will be Brave New Words, at 8pm on Wednesday 4th April, Scottish Storytelling Centre.

How many clones does it take to change a light bulb? Why did the chicken cross the wires? The members of Edinburgh’s premier spoken-word performance collective offer their unique perspectives on science and fiction in all-new stories. Warning: may contain rocket science, brain surgery and assorted nuts!

Tickets are £8/£6 and should be booked through the Science Festival.

10 Years: Better Read Than Dead

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Better Read Than Dead posterThursday 27th October 2011, from 8pm
Canon’s Gait, 232 Canongate, Edinburgh, EH8 8DQ
Admission: £4.00, £2.00 concessions

10 years of soviet lunacy


To mark 10 years of Writers’ Bloc spoken word performances you are invited to the launch of our new 10 year plan:

Better Read Than Dead

Favourite stories from the past 10 years, plus new initiatives forged in the heat and sweat of the bars of Edinburgh. Presented by comrades old and new.

Highlights include:

  • Will our production targets continue to be gloriously exceeded?
  • Will our drinking consumption continue to be gloriously excessive?
  • Will the return of comrade Stefan – hot from the barricades of Aix-en-Provence – be prevented by the running dogs of revisionism?
  • What is revisionism?
  • Will the regressive ideologies of Halloween – Satanic worship, drugs and orgies – distract our pure-hearted footsoldiers of literary endeavour?

Not so much a 10 year plan as a way of life

Long live the revolution!

Writers appearing at Better Read Than Dead will include: Kirsti Wishart, Andrew C. Ferguson, Jane McKie, Andrew J. Wilson and Gavin Inglis, new members Helen Jackson, Stuart Wallace, Bram E Gieben, Mark Harding.

Plus a special appearance of comrade Stefan Pearson.

Electric Lit Orchestra

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I’m pleased to announce…


…the members of our Electric Lit Orchestra!

On the words, we have: Morag Edward, Andrew C. Ferguson, Bram E. Gieben, Mark Harding, Gavin Inglis, Helen Jackson, Stuart Wallace, Andrew J. Wilson and Kirsti Wishart.

And, providing the music, there’s:

  • The multi-talented Andrew C. Ferguson.

  • The equally multi-talented Bram E. Gieben aka Texture.

  • The wonderful Charlotte Halton on sax teaming up with Kenny MacKay (perhaps best known for being in the Architects of Fear with Andrew J. Wilson?).

  • More from Charlotte Halton in collaboration with Mark Allan (of Isaac Brutal and Shock and Awe) and Kelly Brooks (of Tribute to Venus Carmichael).

  • The amazing Yann Seznec, aka The Amazing Rolo with a new soundscape composed specially for the show.

  • Singers from two brilliant Edinburgh choirs: the Wildfire Women’s Choir and Protest in Harmony.

  • And more!

Electric Lit Orchestra, Tuesday 23rd August 2011, 9-11pm, Charlotte Square Spiegeltent, Edinburgh International Book Festival. Why should the story stop when the band comes on?

August events #2

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Here’s the lastest listing of August activities for the Writers’ Bloc comrades, starting with a Tribute to Venus Carmichael gig tonight:

It’s entirely possible that more shows will be announced, so keep an eye on our events pages for the latest information.

August events #1

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The Writers’ Bloc comrades will be keeping busy in August. First up, two new Bloc shows:

  • The Writers’ Bloc Think Tank – Wordpower Books, Sunday 14th August 2:30pm, FREE

    Following on from Mr Big Society, we present another show of spoken word and unlikely social policy.

  • Havers and Blethers – Captain’s Bar, Friday 19th August 7:30-8:30pm, FREE

    Including a sneak preview of some of the material for Electric Lit Orchestra

And, don’t forget:

  • Electric Lit Orchestra – Unbound, EIBF, Tuesday 23rd August 2011, 9-11pm, FREE

    This is our main show for August and it’s going to rock! Why should the story stop when the band comes on?

Bloc will also have a table at:

  • Edinburgh Zine & Small Press Fair – The Forest Cafe, Sunday 7th August, 12-5pm, FREE

    For one day only, The Forest Cafe will be turned into a bookshop – featuring rare and hand-made zines, chapbooks, books, CDs and other ephemera.

As if three Writers’ Bloc shows and a book sale weren’t enough, we have confirmation of the first few other shows that will include appearances by Bloc comrades. There will be more to add to this list, so check the Comrades in August 2012 page for the latest updates.

  • Venus in Eclipse – Captain’s Bar, Friday 12th August 7:30-8:30pm, FREE

    Hear parts of the legendary singer-songwriter Venus Carmichael’s life story with performances of her songs by Tribute to Venus Carmichael. Featuring Andrew C Ferguson, Helen Jackson and Kirsti Wishart.

  • Andrew J. Wilson – The Last Man in Space – The Banshee Labyrinth, Tuesday 16th August 9:30-11pm 9:50-10:50pm, FREE

    For one night only, Scottish spacemen, doo-wop devil worshippers and quite possibly the end of the world as we know it. Part of the Free Fringe.

  • Edwin Morgan international poetry prize – EIBF, Wed 17th August, 7-8pm, £10/£8

    Jane McKie has been shortlisted in the prestigious Edwin Morgan International Poetry Competition. The prize ceremony, which will include readings, is part of the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

Unbound: Electric Lit Orchestra

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Unbound - late nights at the EIBF
The programme for Unbound is out so it’s time to tell you about our next event! Unbound is the Edinburgh International Book Festival‘s late-night Spiegeltent series.

Writers’ Bloc will be performing Electric Lit Orchestra on Tuesday 23rd August 2011, 9-11pm in the Spiegeltent in Charlotte Square. Here’s what the Unbound brochure says:

Electric Lit Orchestra

Why should the story stop when the band comes on? This local ‘spoken word performance collective’ are modern day champions of the often overlooked Scottish literary tradition – the fantastique. Edinburgh collective Writers’ Bloc presents an evening of new fiction about, and set to, music. Expect hidden nightclubs and soul trades, celestial harmonies and ram raids in this event where anything literal could literally happen.

Unbound events happen every night from 14 to 29 August in the Spiegeltent in Charlotte Square Gardens as part of the Edinburgh International Book Festival. All Unbound events are FREE and unticketed. To get in, simply turn up and walk in. All events start at 9pm so arrive early to get a seat and the bar will be open until 1am.

There are some great events in Unbound, so pick up your programme in The Skinny, or check out Unbound on the EIBF website.