Helen Jackson

Banana Republic - Helen Jackson

Helen’s website/blog is at www.helen-jackson.com

Helen Jackson joined Writers’ Bloc in late 2010 and left in August 2012. In that brief window, you might have seen her:

  • Audition at the Wee Red Gig in November 2010, with “Form Follows Foretelling”, a story of architecture and tentacles.

  • Read “Power of Scotland” at Love Sick in February 2011. You’ll also find the story in the anthology ImagiNation: Stories of Scotland’s Future, edited by Gerry Hassan and Bryan Beattie.

  • Read “Banana Republic” at Mr Big Society in June 2011. It’s the one with the monkeys.

  • Write and produce “Living Silver” for Electric Lit Orchestra at the 2011 Edinburgh International Book Festival. Andrew J. Wilson did the reading, and a stealth choir in the audience sung their hearts out for the finale.

  • Read “Ms Chalmers and the Silent Service” at Brave New Words in the 2012 Edinburgh International Science Festival. More tentacles, this time paired with submarines.

Photo: Banana Republic – Helen Jackson by SK51, on Flickr.