Brave New Words

Edinburgh International Science Festival
Brave New Words, 8-10pm, Wednesday 4th April 2012,
Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh.
Part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival.

How many clones does it take to change a light bulb? Why did the chicken cross the wires? The members of Edinburgh’s premier spoken-word performance collective offer their unique perspectives on science and fiction in all-new stories. Warning: may contain rocket science, brain surgery and assorted nuts!

Andrew J. Wilson reads Gingerbread Planet
Stuart Wallace reads Winesteinian Theory
Helen Jackson reads Ms Chalmers and the Silent Service
Andrew C. Ferguson reads Dieter Amadeus von Cheam
Hannu Rajaniemi reads Topsight

Hannu Rajaniemi finishes Topsight
Andrew J. Wilson reads Housebot
Bram E. Gieben reads Hex
Mark Harding reads Sailing Away from the Sun
Gavin Inglis reads Starfield

See photos from the event taken by James T Harding and Madeleine Shepherd — thanks, both!