Mr Big Society

Mr Big Society by Writers' Bloc, 1st June 8pm, Wee Red BarWednesday 1st June 2011, Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh College of Art

An all-new Mr Men story, written and illustrated by Gavin Inglis; doors to other worlds; gardens on golf courses and rooftops; cake-eating monkeys; William Burroughs’ jobbie; improvised weaponry in Asda; and warring troops of worthy youth organisations.

Gavin Inglis reads Mr Big Society
Stuart Wallace reads Break On Through
Morag Edward reads Eat Your Greens
Helen Jackson reads Banana Republic

Gavin Inglis reads Mr Big Society
Bram E. Gieben reads Small Utopias
Mark Harding reads 28 Minutes Later

Gavin Inglis reads Mr Big Society
Andrew C . Ferguson reads Die Hard by George
Kirsti Wishart reads Operation Fairycake