Louise Boyd

Louise once gave her seat to an elderly gentleman on the bus.

“What a sweet little girl,” the man remarked.

Little did he know his life was in danger.

Her hometown lies somewhere between Glasgow and Edinburgh, although Louise prefers not to talk about where she’s from or why she left. Proud to be branded Writers’ Bloc’s Queen of the Sinister, she hopes to one day harness the powers of darkness to write a novel.

Louise completed a Masters in Creative Writing at the University of Edinburgh, and has had flash fiction published by Red Squirrel Press, Weaponizer and Popcorn Horror. She has performed in the Edinburgh Fringe, the Glasgow Horror Convention and the Edinburgh Horror Festival.

Louise works as a freelance writer and dreams of one day owning a team of ten highly trained Border Collies in a variety of colours.

Loves a tweet @boydwrites