Better Read Than Dead

Better Read Than Dead posterThursday 27th October 2011, Canon’s Gait, Edinburgh

10 years of soviet lunacy

Favourite stories from the past 10 years, plus new initiatives forged in the heat and sweat of the bars of Edinburgh. Presented by comrades old and new, with a special appearance from Stefan Pearson. Not so much a 10 year plan as a way of life.

Stefan Pearson reads d’ya know me?
Mark Harding reads Dead Letters
Andrew C. Ferguson reads Isabel Allende
Gavin Inglis reads Hitchcock Blond

Andrew J. Wilson reads Hopeful Travelers
Kirsti Wishart reads Piss Artist

Stuart Wallace reads Tim Cheam
Gavin Inglis reads Piper Sniper
Stefan Pearson reads Angela’s Lashes

See photographer Chris Scott‘s fabulous photos of Better Read Than Dead.