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The Secret of Scottish Football by Andrew Ferguson. The Secret of Scottish Football front cover

Fife has spawned many famous footballers: Celtic goalie John Thomson; Liverpool favourite Billy Liddell; and the legendary ‘Gentleman Jim’ Baxter. All grew up in tough, hard-drinking mining communities and cut their teeth in the local leagues.

Fife also has its share of the supernatural. Witches, wizards, bogles and fairies have traversed the ancient Kingdom, their stories grimmer than the half-time pies at Stark’s Park. These stories weave the two together in a blend of football magic, secret knowledge, and the native Fife patois.

“…all the energy and vigour of early Irvine Welsh, but with far more humour and nuance.” – Scotland on Sunday

Published in a signed, numbered limited edition of 250 copies.



Nil by Mouth by Morag Edward.Nil by Mouth front cover

Feeling hungry? Get your teeth into five twisted culinary tales accompanied by recipes that Delia would never dare to print.

In Pie for Tea, an elderly lady takes an uncompromising stance on vegetarianism. A betrayed lover cooks up a grisly revenge in Anniversary. And the Highland myth, Fluir na h’Alba reveals a plat that sinners should avoid.

Featuring ill-advised ingredients and macabre methods, Nil By Mouth lends new meaning to the phrase, “You are what you eat.” This collection comes with no Health and Safety guarantees.

Published in a signed, numbered limited edition of 250 copies.



Words of Birth and Death by Hannu Rajaniemi.Words of Birth and Death front cover

Finland is a land of darkness, myth and powerful magic. In this collection, modern Nokia-toting Finns come face to face with their deepest roots.

In The Viper Blanket, family blood is stronger than death, but an old man discovers something even stronger. Barley Child sees a suicide attempt turn into a drinking game where life itself is the prize. And a businessman’s summer haven by the sea becomes a gilded trap in Fisher of Men.

“A very impressive collection” —Tangent Online.

Published in a signed, numbered limited edition of 250 copies.



The Terminal Zone by Andrew J. Wilson.The Terminal Zone

“Certain primitive peoples believe that cameras can steal souls when they take a picture. Perhaps they’re not such primitives after all. What do you think, Rob? Did the television camera steal your soul?”

The Twilight Zone is finished. As its creator sits in the wreckage of the cancellation party, he is confronted by an eerily familiar figure.

Rod Serling is about to enter The Terminal Zone.

This play, premiered in 1993, but first published in 2006, explores the life and work of one of the most important writers in television history.

Published in a signed, numbered limited edition of 250 copies.



Crap Ghosts by Gavin Inglis. Crap Ghosts front cover

Throughout history, few civilizations have sufficiently prepared their deceased for the afterlife. In this collection, mankind faces the dreadful consequences.

Inspired by a study of traditional ghost stories from around the world, and a collection of shabby books from charity shops inaccurately named Greatest Ghost Stories, Gavin has produced ten all-new stories of ineffectual apparitions, pathetic phantasms and substandard spooks. Gasp at the Ghostly Benefactor. Shrink from the Priestley Phantom. And marvel at Breathtaking Mysteries of the Hidden Red Pavilion.

Published in a signed, numbered limited edition of 250 copies.

SOLD OUT. Second edition available from Skeleton Press.


The Chronicles of Vinegar Tom by Stefan Pearson.The Chronicles of Vinegar Tom front cover

Vinegar Tom is more catalyst than cat, and three very different people have reason to regret crossing his path.

From the ill-fated Darien expedition of 1698, through contemporary suburbia, to the haunted halls of a decrepit Georgian mansion, thread three diverse tales linked by one enigmatic feline. Stefan’s first professional publication demonstrates his storytelling breadth and an ability to go for the throat when the moment demands it.

Published in a signed, numbered limited edition of 250 copies.