To The Devil An ASBO

31st October 2007

Andrew C. Ferguson reads To The Devil an ASBO
Andrew J. Wilson reads Morag Edward’s Fluir na h-Alba
Gavin Inglis reads Smash And Grab
Andrew C. Ferguson reads Awa Wi The Fucking Fairies

Andrew J. Wilson reads The Guisers
Lara Matthews reads Morag Edward’s Love
Hannu Rajaniemi reads The Great Sky-Cow Hunt
Gavin Inglis reads Not the End

Andrew J. Wilson reads Nyarlathohaiku
Andrew C. Ferguson reads the obituary of Reginald Cheam
Gavin Inglis reads Horn From Beyond
Stefan Pearson reads Going Green

To The Devil an ASBO was reviewed in Scotland on Sunday, 4th November 2007. Read the full article online: “Speculative reading is a Hallowe’en scream” by Stuart Kelly.

“To The Devil An Asbo was something of a revelation. The stories were witty, clever, genuinely spine-tingling in places and unafraid to take on larger issues and concerns. “

“This was genuinely daring stuff, and there was enough comedy throughout to keep the darkness in check. In a way, it felt like how readings used to be: irreverent, surprising and provocative. Being overlooked by “serious literary fiction” has almost been beneficial for speculative writing – it carries a torch of innovation and rebelliousness that has long ago been snuffed out in middlebrow studies of middle age adulteries in middle England.”