Cannibal Lolocaust

30th October 2019, 7.30pm-10.30pm.

Woodland Creatures, Leith Walk, Edinburgh.

A VCR haunting; a music box that kills; an epic office conflict and the taste of human flesh.

On the chilly night when the veil between the worlds is presumably at its second-thinnest, cram into a warm pub to hear new tales of the savage and supernatural, hauntings and hinderings, and a simmering, inadvisable stew. Sadly we can offer no discounts for vegetarians.

If you’re a veteran of Bloc shows, you will recognise some familiar faces, but expect new blood — on stage, not in the nibbles*.

Tickets are available now and are strictly limited.

Woodland Creatures is at ground level, but there is a single step of about 3″ between the bar and performance space. If this presents access problems for you, please get in touch and we’ll liaise with the venue on your behalf.

*no actual nibbles provided.