Wordsmiths at Satellite 3

Posted by Helen | Posted in Other events, Reviews | Posted on 20-03-2012


Several Writers’ Bloc comrades took part in Wordsmiths – readings by local writers at Satellite 3 last month. The event was co-hosted by Neil Williamson and our very own Andrew J. Wilson and also featured Bram Gieben, Mark Harding and Stuart Wallace plus Glasgow writers Tracy Berg, Elaine Gallagher and Philip Raines.

There’s a great review over at writer Colum Paget’s website The Singularity Sucks. Here’s a taster:

How is it then, that these Glasgow and Edinburgh writers aren’t just hugely world famous? This was the most throughly entertaining thing I attended at the con. All the stories genuinely enjoyable, and each included that vital element that’s so missing from stuff that I read in ‘Year’s Best’: They were fun. FUN. Remember that? Most of the writers proved to be born performers too, putting on accents and obviously enjoying themselves.

Visit The Singularity Sucks to read the full review.

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