Monsieur Pearson, il part

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We wish it weren’t true — but it is. Bloc’s leading purveyor of fish and filth is departing these shores for the South of France.

He will of course carry on the revolution from the sunny porch outside his rural farmhouse. As he sips vintage wine and samples fine cheeses, his thoughts will never be far from the people’s glorious struggle in rain-lashed Auld Reekie.

Stef will remain involved with Writers’ Bloc in every way he can, but we do expect the profanity percentage in our shows to take a significant dip.

Come to Stef’s last show for a while on Tuesday 24th as part of the Unbound programme at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, Charlotte Square. It runs 9pm-11.15pm and entry is FREE.

Bloc on Facebook

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Not content to tweet and post on our new site, we’re on Facebook too now. Please be our friend. We need all the friends we can get 🙂   We’ll use Facebook to keep you informed of all our writery goings on. And play Farmville.

Bloc gets all tweety

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It’s Perestroika time at Bloc! Out are the 5 year plans and ill-fitting overalls – mostly. We now have a twitter account so you can follow all our exciting literary goings on. Expect micro stories, news, updates, events, musings, rambling, and general waffle. Follow us @Writers_Bloc_UK Forward comrades!